Councillor wants a proper Saltire flying at the Steeple again ASAP

7 Mar 2024

Deputy Leader of the Dundee City Council Liberal Democrat Group Cllr Craig Duncan has today highlighted the lack of a good-conditioned Saltire flying at the Dundee Old Steeple at the City Churches.This has now continued for months. He initially raised this issue during the annual remembrance events last November.

Councillor Duncan said:

“During the annual laying of the crosses ceremony in early November, I noticed the Saltire on the Old Steeple was in a very poor condition and a bit of an embarrassment really. As I take pride in our nation’s flags and feel it is important that a good conditioned Saltire flies from the Steeple, I raised this with both the City Council and Leisure and Culture Dundee in the vain hope that this would be resolved before last year’s Remembrance Sunday. No such luck, and many months on, the ragged old half a flag is still there which is really not good enough.”

Last month Councillor Duncan received an update from the council’s Property Officer as follows :

“A recent visit to site to assess the work to be carried out to replace the flag has highlighted serious health and safety concerns - the wire for the flag is snapped and also snagged at the top of the pole.” 

“I have been in touch with the Health and Safety Advisor for his input on this.”

Councillor Duncan added:

“Another month has now slipped by and no resolution. It is surely not that difficult to replace the broken wire and get a new flag flying?  I am continuing to pursue this as it is surely not beyond the ability of the council to effect such a repair.”